Are you REALTORS™?

No, we are not Realtors. We are real estate investors. We buy distressed properties, renovate them, and resell them to families.

What sort of properties do you buy?

We buy distressed properties in significant need of repairs, or properties where sellers need to sell quickly.

How is the private lending money used?

It is used on a home purchase requiring renovations. The loan will be allocated to the purchase price, renovations, carrying costs, cost to resell, and also a small buffer for unexpected expenses.

How can you afford to pay such high returns?

We make our money on the purchase. We are able to pay high returns, because it allows us to purchase a property 20%-30% below a retail purchaser. That instantly creates thousands of dollars in equity.

How long will my funds be held?

The majority of our loans are set up for a 6-12 month term, but it depends on the size of the project.

When will I receive payments?

Typically, we pay one large lump sum at closing on a short-term loan. This is much easier to manage for both of us, especially if we’re working out of a retirement account. On a longer term, we pay monthly, just like a typical mortgage.

What if the market gets worse and values go down?

This is great question and valid concern. Our primary goal is to purchase a distressed property and to complete the renovation in 4-6 months and get it sold within 8 months. The market doesn’t tend to shift that dramatically in a matter of months – it’s typically a longer process for an area to decline.

What kind of insurance policy do you get on the home?

If we purchase a renovation, we purchase a builder’s risk policy (Vacant Dwelling Policy).